1. When will the Javett-UP be reopening?

The Javett Art Centre at the University of Pretoria (Javett-UP) is now open. Javett-UP has put protocols in place to safeguard staff and visitors against Covid-19.

2. What are the new opening hours / exhibition times for Javett-UP?

The Javett-UP is open from 10:00 to 16:00 daily. Entry to the main exhibition starts at 10:00 and the last visitors will be allowed in at 15:30.

The drive-through exhibition, Shaping the Grain, will be open from 16:00 to 18:00 during which time it will be accessible by car only.

3. What are the ticket prices?

  • Adults:


  • Pensioners:


  • Under 18:


  • Under 6:


  • UP Staff:

Free entry for UP staff on presentation of a valid UP staff card

  • University students:

Free with a valid student card

  • ICOM members

Free entry on presentation of a valid membership card

4. What other products are available for purchase?

  • Drive-through exhibition – R25 per car
  • 101 Collecting Conversations catalogue – R500 per book
  • African Gold book – R450 per book
  • National Treasures book – R250 per book

5. Do I have to make a booking prior to visiting the Javett-UP during the lockdown period?

No, you do not have to make a booking. You may purchase a ticket at the Javett-UP reception desk upon arrival. Owing to Covid-19 regulations, the Javett-UP can accommodate only a specified number of people inside the centre at one time. Please call the Javett-UP should you wish to enquire about visitor numbers prior to your arrival. Tel: 012-420 3960

6. Is there parking available at the Javett-UP?

Parking is available in the uncovered parking area only for the duration (24 Sep to 24 Oct) of the the drive-through exhibition. Should this parking fill up during visiting hours then security staff will direct visitors to parking just outside the entrance on Lynnwood Road.

7. What Covid-19 measure does the Javett-UP have in place to protect visitors?

All visitors will have to complete an online health assessment as per University of Pretoria regulations and obtain your HealthCheck Clearance on healthcheck.higherhealth.ac.za or on WhatsApp: 060 011 0000 (Add as contact, send the word “Hi”) Mobile phone USSD: *134*832*2# — and follow the prompts.

8. Complete the health assessment on the day of your visit as the results are valid for that day only. You will be required to show your health assessment results upon entry to the Javett-UP.

9. What measures is Javett-UP taking to protect its staff?

All staff are also required to complete an online health assessment prior to entering the Javett-UP premises. Staff are also screened upon entry into the Javett-UP building.

10. Will all exhibition spaces at the art centre be accessible from the first day of reopening?

Yes, all visitors will be able to enjoy all of the exhibitions at the Javett-UP. These are:

  • National Treasures exhibition (that includes the famed Mapungubwe Gold Collection and AngloGold Barbier-Mueller Collection of West African Gold );
  • All in a Day’s Eye: The Politics of Innocence in the Javett Collection (that includes among the most noteworthy and iconic works of modern South African art); and
  • 101 Collecting Conversations: Signature Works of a Century (that brings together the 101 works that tell the story of South Africa’s momentous and turbulent history, as seen through the eyes of its artists)

11. Are group tours allowed and how will this affect social distancing?

All group tours have been suspended until lockdown restrictions have been completely lifted.

12. Will Javett-UP be providing visitors with sanitiser and masks?

Sanitiser will be available at the entrance to the Javett-UP. Visitors should wear their own masks – as recommended by the National Department of Health – before entering the Javett-UP premises. Visitors who do not have a mask will not be allowed on to the premises.

13. Is there a restaurant or cafe at the Javett-UP where one can purchase food or snacks?

There is no restaurant at the Javett-UP but should you wish to enjoy a snack during your visit to the Javett there is a catering service available for you to place an order in advance of your arrival. Your order will be available for collection at the Reception desk. Please bring the proof of purchase with that will be mailed to you in advance. An open-air seating area will be available to enjoy your PURE DIVINE BOX with friends. Have a look at the snack boxes for two and place your order here: https://www.purecafe.co.za/puredivinebox

An open-air seating area seating is provided at the Javett-UP.

14. Will I be able to book a venue to use for a private event?

All venue hire and private and public events have been suspended until lockdown restrictions have been completely lifted.

15. Will The Javett-UP still be hosting public events?

Owing to Covid-19 restrictions, all public events are being hosted online.