Welcome to the Javett-UP, home of the art of Africa.

My Africa. Our Art.

A journey through the great art of Africa is deeply personal, but it is a journey that must be taken. Art touches us in ways that are difficult to articulate. It takes in the full range of surprise, delight, shock, revelation, anger, joy and hope. It’s a journey of the soul that will inspire you to explore your own creativity, culture, spirituality and identity. It will bring you to a deeper understanding of who you are. It is sometimes uncomfortable, but it is always rewarding.

Each of us is shaped by where we live, and by the people around us. Who you are today is a product of history and cultural heritage as much as it is a product of right here, right now. Artists understand this. Art helps the rest of us make sense of this, too.

Opening September 2019


The Javett-UP is a place to feel at home. This is your Africa, and your art.   

The Centre welcomes anybody and everybody interested in the art of Africa - in engaging with it, exploring it, learning about it, understanding it, talking to other people about it and creating it. Because there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to have a relationship with art. You don’t have to know art to love the Javett-UP. You just have to want to learn more about yourself.

New Art
Lynnwood Road

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