Javett-UP 2018

The Javett-UP will open in 2018 as a new independent art centre associated with the University of Pretoria. Made possible by a generous donation from the Javett Foundation, it is one of the largest art construction projects, one of the largest philanthropic ventures and one of the most ambitious initiatives aimed at promoting the arts and cultural heritage in South Africa. The Centre brings together the University of Pretoria, the Javett Foundation and other donors and will draw on the best of the university, public, private and philanthropic sectors.


Educate and Innovate

The Centre will bring South Africa and Africa's art to the world, and bring the world's art to South Africa. It will offer an outstanding resource to students and academics of art, art history, curation, and conservation. It will be open to all those interested in what art can offer to our understanding of who we are as South Africans, Africans and humans. It is a space in which both students and the wider public can explore their past and create their future.



The Centre will open with two core collections, among others. The Javett family's private collection brings some of the best of 20th century South African art to the public. The Mapungubwe Collection of gold artefacts represents a much older era of visual creativity. Both speak to the legacy of art and creativity in South Africa. The Javett-UP will create an environment where these can be researched, studied and explored in ways that will set new standards in art curation, conservation and education.



The Centre promises to be an iconic addition to Pretoria, with the Javett-UP straddling Lynnwood Road. With an entrance on Lynnwood Road, the Centre will be directly accessible both to the public and the University community. The Centre's main buildings are currently under construction on the University's South Campus. A new art square incorporating a student gallery is also being built on the main Hatfield campus between the Visual Arts and Building Sciences buildings providing a gateway to the University’s arts precinct. These two complexes will be linked by a unique gallery bridge and pedestrian crossing which will be built over Lynnwood Road.


Innovate / Curate / Educate

This partnership between the Javett Foundation and the University of Pretoria will culminate in the opening of our state‑of‑the‑art Javett-UP towards the end of 2018.

Coming 2018

New Art
Lynnwood Road